BUKH DV24 Marine Diesel

BUKH Type DV24 ME Marine Diesel Engine

The BUKH DV24 ME engine is a four-stroke marine diesel engine with direct fuel injection and the following basic equipment.

  • Crankcase with oil pan
  • One-piece cylinder head with 2 valves per cylinder
  • Forged crankshaft with counterweights and balance weights
  • Cast iron connecting rods
  • Light metal pistons
  • Water-cooled exhaust manifold
  • A reverse / reduction gearbox with integrated thrust bearing is fitted on the engine
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Components of the BUKH DV24

BUKH Dv24 Port Side Components
  1. Cooling water inlet
  2. Cooling water pump
  3. Raised hand start
  4. Dipstick for engine oil
  5. Air filter with noise suppression
  6. Lubricating oil filing plug
  7. Valve cover
  8. Bleeder screw
  9. Fuel filter
  10. Exhaust
  11. Bracket for control cable
  12. Electric stop solenoid
  13. Dipstick for gear oil
  14. Bracket for reversing cable
  15. Reversing lever for gear
  16. Plug for draining lubricating oil
  17. Fuel lift pump
  18. Reversible engine mountings
BUKH Dv24 Starboard Side Components
  1. Coupling flange for propeller shaft
  2. Lubricating oil pump
  3. Housing for vacuum valve
  4. Control lever
  5. Zinc anode
  6. Water cooled exhaust manifold
  7. Lifting fittings
  8. Cooling water outlet
  9. Thermostat housing
  10. Alternator
  11. Tension device for V-belt
  12. Plug for hot-water take off
  13. Transmitter for cooling water alarm and temperature
  14. Electric starter
  15. Oil pressure switch
  16. Lubricating oil filter
  17. Cooling water drain plug
  18. Electric multi plug
  19. Reverse-reduction gear

Specifications of the BUKH DV24

Working Principle4-Stroke
Number of Cylinders2
Cylinder Bore85 mm
Cylinder Stroke85 mm
Volume0.964 litres
Compression Ratio18.5:1
Output Power
(at 2000 rpm)
15.8 HP
(11.7 KW)
Output Power
(at 2400 rpm)
17.9 HP
(13.2 KW)
Output Power
(at 3000 rpm)
22.4 HP
(16.5 KW)
Output Power
(at 3600 rpm)
24.0 HP
(17.7 KW)
Max Torque5.7 Kpm (at 2000 rpm)
Max Air Consumption1476 liters / min
Engine Rotation DirectionClockwise (looking at flywheel)
Idling Speed900 - 1200 RPM
Max Inclination (fore and aft)12°
Max Heel (continuous)25°
Engine Weight210 Kg
Normal Exhaust Temperature580°C (600°C Max)

Maintenance jobs for your BUKH DV24

  • Changing the primary fuel filter on your marine diesel installation
  • Checking the starter motor drive belt on your BUKH DV24
  • Removal and inspection of the air filter on the BUKH DV24
  • Removal and inspection of the exhaust mixing elbow on the BUKH DV24
  • Changing the gearbox oil
  • Descaling the raw-water coolant channels in your BUKH DV24 (Raw water cooled engines only)
  • Descaling the heat exchanger in your BUKH DV24 (Fresh water cooled engines only)
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Winterising jobs for your BUKH DV24

Before haul-out:

  • BUKH DV24 engine oil and filter change

After haul-out:

  • Flushing salt-water from the BUKH DV24 and introducing anti-freeze
  • Clean and winterise the raw-water filter

Before launch:

  • Stern gear: Grease your lip seal or refill the greaser on your stuffing box
  • Changing the Secondary Fuel filter on the BUKH DV24
  • Inspecting the anodes on your BUKH DV24 (Raw water cooled engines only)
  • Removing and testing the thermostat on your BUKH DV24
  • Removing and inspecting the air intake filter/silencer on the BUKH DV24

After launch:

Video: Click to watch a video clip of the BUKH DV24 running

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