SABB 2HG (inc 2H / 2HSP) Marine Diesel Engine

SABB 2HG Marine Diesel Engine (pictured from above)
SABB 2HG Marine Diesel Engine (pictured from above)
Image of a SABB 2HG nameplate

The SABB 2H (with a controllable pitch propeller) , 2HG (with reverse gear and a solid propeller) and 2HSP (with a fully feathering propeller) marine diesel engines are 2 cylinder, water-cooled, 4-stroke diesel engines. The engine specifications are as below.

Cylinder Bore / Stroke90mm x 90mm
3.54" x 3.54"
Capacity1140 cm³
69.6 cu. in.
Compression Ratio22:1
Compression Pressure30 kp / cm²
426.7 psi
Cont. Rating
(@2000 rpm)
11.7 kW
Cont. Rating
(@2250 rpm)
13.2 kW
Fuel Consumption
4.7 litres/hour
Reduction Ratio2:1
(excluding stern gear)
190 kg
419 lbs
Valve Stem Clearance0.3 mm
0.012 in
Injection timing15 degrees BTDC
Exh. valve opens50 degrees before BDC
Exh. valve closes15 degrees after TDC
Inj. valve opens15 degrees after TDC
Inj. valve closes50 degrees before BDC
Crankcase oil capacity4.5 litres
Gearbox oil capacity
(2H, 2HSP and 2HG (reverse gearbox))
0.5 litres
Winter OilSAE10
Summer Oil &
Gearbox Oil

Why is the SABB 2HG Marine Diesel Engine so Heavy?

The SABB is, for it’s power output, a particularly heavy engine. With a dry weight of 190 kg (420 lbs) it is significantly heavier that popular equivalents such as the Yanmar 2GM20 [106 kg / 234 lbs] or the Volvo Penta 2002 [139 kg / 306 lbs]. Not only is the SABB an older design, but it is rated to run at much slower revs than the Yanmar and VP models and so needs a heavier flywheel.

Components of the SABB 2H / 2HG / 2HSP

SABB H2 Components (Starboard Side)
  1. Clutch Lever
  2. Pitch Control Lever
  3. Governor (speed) Control Lever
  4. Dipstick
  5. Lub. Oil Pressure Gauge
  6. Fuel Filter
  7. Inlet Muffler
  8. Rocker Cover
  9. Injection pipe
  10. Alternator
  11. V-belt
  12. Clutch Housing Cover
  13. Adj. Screw for max. prop pitch
  14. Injection Pump
  15. Governor cover
  16. Crankcase cover
  17. Self-starter
  18. Foundation Iron
SABB H2 Components (Port Side)
  1. Starting cigarette socket
  2. Decompessor
  3. Exhaust Silencer
  4. Exhaust Flange
  5. Wet Exhaust Pipe
  6. Fuel leak-off pipe
  7. Starting Bracket
  8. Starting handle
  9. Prop Pitch hand screw
  10. V-belt (bilge pump)
  11. Bilge Pump
  12. Drain cock (bilge pump)
  13. Lub. oil filter
  14. Fuel lift pump
  15. Water Valve Housing
  16. Drain cocks (engine & water pump)
  17. Clutch housing
  18. Grease nipples

Video: Click to watch a video of a SABB 2H running

SABB Diesel Starting Cigarettes

An unusual feature of the SABB 2H engines is the “starting cigarette” which helped when hand-cranking the engine in low temperatures. These cigarettes were a non-electric predecessor of the 12v glowplug found in many marine diesel engines today. The “cigarettes” ignited by a chemical reaction when thay came in contact with diesel fuel. The cigarettes were made from a solution of Potassium Nitrate (Saltpeter) dried onto paper. Be warned though – Saltpeter is an ingredient of fireworks and should not be played with.