Almanac – BUKH DV20 Injectors Leaking Fuel

BUKH Owner
BUKH Owner

I’ve pretty much finished rebuilding the Bukh DV20 I bought for my boat a little while ago, fitted the new thermostat, alternator & a few other bits & pieces today. I then connected the oil pressure & temp gauge up, bled her & she fired straight up. {on a hose with no impeller}
However on anything above tick-over I noticed a tiny dribble of diesel through the tiny holes in the injector nozzles. Is this normal or is there a fitting to recycle the diesel, it is a tiny dribble, but if it can be remedied, I’d like to do it before I fit the engine

The community were all agreed on this one – the poster was quickly identified as having a part missing from their engine – there should be a return assembly fitted to the injectors. The original poster couldn’t identify the required parts in the items he had received, but was planning to source them. The missing part is shown below in another engine collecting excess fuel and returning it via a hose to the main fuel tank.

BUKH DV20 Injector with fuel return assembly