Beta Marine Diesel Engines

A relatively new company, Beta Marine was formed in 1987. Beta are transparent about the origin story of their engines – they are marinised versions of Kubota (of Japan) industrial engines. All enjoy indirect cooling and tend to be smooth running and clean. Headquarters and engineering is located in the UK but sales support exists internationally.

From the beginning, Beta Marine focused on the market of yacht owners who were replacing their original engine so offered flexibility in areas such as engine mounts and sump depths to ease the process of re-powering for sailboat owners. Today, as well as generator sets and canal boat products, Beta offer;

  • Sea Going Engines – Heat Exchanger Cooled Marine Propulsion Engines from 10 to 150 bhp.
  • Saildrive Solutions – Heat Exchanger Cooled Marine Propulsion Engines from 14 to 56 bhp, available as a complete replacement engine with saildrive leg or replacement engine with an adaptor plate to mate with the vessels existing saildrive.

Choose your engine variant from the list below.

Beta 10
Beta 20