BUKH DV24 Starting Problems

Having trouble starting your BUKH DV24?

If you’re having difficulty in getting your DV24 started, or it doesn’t run very smoothly when cold, then maybe your idling speed needs adjustment.

Try increasing the tick over speed to 900~1000RPM. You should find the adjuster on the throttle quadrant near where the teleflex cable attaches to the engine. The tickover speed on many engines is too low and Bukh advise increasing it to over 1000rpm. Doing this, in many cases cures sluggish starting issues. This engine should be very smooth ticking over due to the arrangement of counterweights on the crankshaft.

The fuel pump on the DV24 engines go to “full throttle” when the engine is stopped. As the engine is cranked over the pump initially gives a full dose of fuel and then returns to closed throttle (tick over) position to help the engine start. If the tick over speed setting is too low, a cold engine is liable to stall when the throttle falls back.

Another thing to check is the return spring located below the pump. It can be accessed / observed by removing the plate carrying the stop solenoid. If the spring is not in position, this also can result in poor starting. Remember that BUKH do run a little lumpy when first started – for a few seconds until the auto timing kicks in. A cold engine should run smoothly after 10 secs or so.

Click below to watch a short video of the DV24 running. Notice that it runs a bit faster than typical ticking over speed for a small diesel engine.

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