SaltWater Fact of the Day
The Westerly Oceanquest, a 35' Ed Dubois design displacing some 6.5 tonnes, was originally powered by the 29 hp Volvo Penta 2030.

SaltWater Quote of the Day
And I shall watch the ferry boats, and they'll get high; On a bluer ocean against tomorrow's sky; And I will never grow so old again; And I will walk and talk, in gardens all wet with rain. Van Morrison

Every sailor knows that operating and maintaining a diesel engine in a saltwater environment can be a challenge. Add to that the fact that many of these engines are upwards of twenty years old and may have a sketchy maintenance record. Enjoying sailing can often translate to being a part-time diesel mechanic.

Well, that’s where kicks in to gear. Here you can learn how to maintain, troubleshoot and repair your sailboat’s small marine diesel engine. There’s a little bit of history about the development of the diesel engine and some general advice about maintaining your engine.

We passionately believe that if you know how it works, then you will know how best to fix it.

'If you can’t repair it, maybe it shouldn’t be on board.' Lin and Larry Pardey Click To Tweet

This means that if your engine gives you trouble when you’re at sea, you have at least a fighting chance of getting it working again yourself. Self-sufficiency at sea (in this case the ability to solve minor engine problems) is the hallmark of a good skipper.

Let’s begin. Choose your engine by manufacturer…