Perkins 4-108 Marine Diesel Engine

Perkins 4-108 Marine Diesel Engine

Perkins 4-108 Diesel engine

The Perkins 4.99 was first launched by Perkins in 1958. This sturdy 1.6 litre 4 cylinder diesel engine was fitted in cars, boats and commercial vehicles including the Ford Thames 400E.  In the mid 1960’s it was upgraded to become the 4.107 and later the classic 4.108 which continued in production until the 1980’s.

The Perkins 4-108 51 horsepower 4-cylinder marine diesel gives you reliable, durable and safe performance with compact size and low weight. A rotary distributor-type fuel-injection system provides even fuel feed for smooth performance.
An automatic advance and retard mechanism ensures fast starts and quick acceleration throughout the speed range. And the Perkins “H” pre-combustion system means clean burning, top fuel economy.
Perkins 4-108 diesels were designed for smooth, vibration free running and are also designed for dependability with features like a closed freshwater cooling system to minimize corrosion.
The 4.108 is an auxiliary engine that provides plenty of clean, economical power when you need it.

The Perkins 4107/4108 engine, also known as the Westerbeke 40, made its North American debut at the 1960 New York Boat Show. Because of its rugged and quiet cast iron design, relatively low revving operation and low cost replacement parts, the Perkins 4108 marine diesel engine was widely adopted and many thousands are still in use some 60 years after their launch. But they are undoubtedy a noisy and heavy beast by modern standards.


Type: In-line 4-cylinder diesel, 4 cycle.
Maximum Horsepower: 51 @ 4000 RPM
Displacement: 107.4 cu in.
Bore and Stroke: 3.125 x 3.5 in.
Compression Ratio: 22:1
Governing: Hydraulic
Cooling: Heat Exchanger

Components of the Perkins 4-108 Marine Diesel Engine

  1. Fresh Water Filler Cap