Volvo Penta MD2020

A 3-cylinder, freshwater-cooled marine diesel engine delivering crankshaft power of 13.8 kW (19 hp)

Volvo Penta MD 2020 with Sail Drive

The MD2020 is fitted with freshwater cooling as standard. This reduces internal corrosion and enables the engine to maintain a consistent and optimal working temperature under all conditions. To avoid galvanic corrosion the engine is equipped with the unique electrical insulation between engine and transmission.

Technical Specs

Engine and block

  • Engine block and cylinder head manufactured from high grade cast iron. Crankcase features a rigid tunnel block design.
  • Chrome molybdenum forged crankshaft, statically and dynamically balanced with integral counterweights.
  • Pistons are cast from high silicon aluminum, are heat treated and fitted with two cast iron, chromium faced compression rings and a single oil ring.
  • Replaceable, hardened valve seats
  • Elastic coupling on flywheel

Engine mounting

  • Tuned front and rear cushion-type rubber mounts. Adjustable.

Lubrication system

  • Spin-on full flow oil filter
  • Separate oil scavenger pipe
  • Closed circuit crankcase ventilation

Fuel system

  • Flange mounted, cam driven inIine injection pump
  • Feed pump with hand primer
  • Spin-on type fine fuel filter

Exhaust system

  • Freshwater cooled exhaust manifold and seawater cooled exhaust elbow

Cooling system

  • Freshwater cooling system governed by thermostat
  • Tubular heat exchanger with integral expansion tank
  • Coolant system prepared for hot water outlet fittings
  • Easily accessible sea water pump and impeller

Electrical system

  • 12V corrosion-protected electrical system
  • 14 Volt / 6O Amp marine alternator
  • Charging regulator with electronic sensor for voltage drop compensation
  • Glow plugs for cold starting
  • Electric starter motor (0.7 kW output)
  • Extension cable harness with plug-in connection available in various lengths

Choice of transmissions

  • MS2A – reverse gear with 7° down angle output: Ratio 2.4:1 or 3.0:1.
  • MS2L – reverse gear with straight output: Ratio 2.3:1 or 2.7:1.
  • 120S – S-drive. Ratio 2.5:1.
    • Housing of gravity die-cast aluminum alloy
    • Pattern-matched helical cut gears
    • Mechanical cone clutch shift
    • Safety coupling with built-in overload protection
    • Internal oil cooler (MS2)

Volvo Penta MD2020 Specifications

 Volvo Penta MD2020
Number of Cylinders3
Idle (no-load) speed (rpm)850
Full load speed (rpm)3900
Cylinder Diameter (mm)67
Stroke (mm)64
Displacement680 cc
Weight, engine without oil and water (kg)116

Components of the MD2020 (and MS25S Sail Drive)

MD2020 Port Side
  1. Coolant filler cap
  2. Expansion tank
  3. Relay box with fuses
  4. Flexible mounting
  5. Starter motor
  6. AC generator
  1. Folding propeller
  2. Cooling water intake, S-drive
  3. Sea cock, S-drive
MD2020 Starboard Side
  1. Dipstick, reverse gear/S-drive
  2. Fine fuel filter
  3. Oil filler cap, engine
  4. Dipstick, engine
  5. Air cleaner (ACL) / Air intake
  6. Seawater pump
  7. Injection pump
  8. Lubricating oil filter
  9. Fuel pump
  1. Oil drain plug, S-drive
  2. Sacrificial anode

Dimensions: Click to see the dimensions of the Volvo Penta MD2020 Engine

Video: Click to watch a short video of an MD2020 running

Maintenance jobs for your Volvo Penta MD2020

  • Changing the primary fuel filter on your marine diesel installation
  • Checking the starter motor drive belt on your Volvo Penta MD2020
  • Removal and inspection of the air filter on the Volvo Penta MD2020

Winterising jobs for your Volvo Penta MD2020

Before haul-out:

  • Volvo Penta MD2020 engine oil and filter change

After haul-out:

  • Flushing salt-water from the Volvo Penta MD2020 and introducing anti-freeze
  • Clean and winterise the raw-water filter

Before launch:

  • Stern gear: Grease your lip seal or refill the greaser on your stuffing box
  • Changing the Secondary Fuel filter on the Volvo Penta MD2020
  • Removing and testing the thermostat on your Volvo Penta MD2020

After launch:

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