Almanac – Volvo Penta 2002 Idling Characteristics

VP2002 idling characteristics
Volvo Penta Owner
Volvo Penta Owner

Hi all – my VP 2002 refuses to pick up revs under load from idle when cold and also revs up pretty slowly when not under load. My neighbour has a 2002 that does the same thing. My idle is not too low – I raised it and it stopped it stalling in this instance. In my case and his they are fine after a few minutes running. Solution is to pop it into neutral, raise revs, then engage gear as the revs fall and open the throttle. This works fine. Filters are all clear, new lines, good hoses etc. It’s like the fuel system is just a bit sticky when cold.
I did once inadvertently alter the 2 mixture screws but luckily I had close up pics of them prior so was able to set them exactly the same again.
Any ideas? Or is this just a common thing?

Most respondents agreed that their engines were exactly the same. This is just the idling characteristics of the VP2002 marine diesel engine.