Almanac – How do I get my 2GM20 starter button to engage on the first push?

2GM20F – How do I get my starter button to engage on the first push?
Yanmar Owner
Yanmar Owner

I have a 2GM20f and the starter button takes multiple tries before it engages the starter and the engine turns over and starts. Not sure if it’s coincidence, but sometimes if I hold the lever up above the button it will engage. What are my options to fix this?

2GM20F Control Panel – why will this starter button not engage on the first push?

Use a screwdriver or short length of wire to short between the big 12v terminal on your starting solenoid & the small control lead on the solenoid (which is coming from your key-switch). If your engine starts, then your problem is in the wiring through your key-switch.This problem has appeared on this forum many times. It’s because Yanmar runs all the current for the starter solenoid (which can be several amps) up to the control panel, through the key-switch, & back down to the starter. A bit of corrosion in your wiring contacts & there won’t be enough voltage available to throw your solenoid & engage your starter.You can clean your contacts, & that will last a while, but probably better is to add a small 12v relay down by the starter. These can be found at any car-parts shop for under $10 & can usually handle 40A. It’s usually a 1″/25mm cube with 5 spade connectors coming out the bottom & sometimes a mounting tab on the top (do NOT get another starter-solenoid).Take the key-switch lead off the solenoid & connect it to the coil of the relay. The other side of the coil goes to a ground connection. The Common goes to 12v, usually the big connector on your solenoid, & the Normally Open (NO) goes to where you took your key-switch wire off the solenoid. The NC isn’t used.Now your key-switch energizes the relay, which energizes the solenoid, which then fires up your starter & away you go.