Almanac – Confusing Water Pump Direction Instructions

A Beta 20 owner was a little confused by the seemingly contradictory instructions on their water pump.

The rotation arrows on the label on the raw water pump on our beta 20 don’t make sense to me?

This Beta owner was a little confused by the double arrow instructions on their water pump

This is actually a fairly common label. It means that the impellor can be turned either direction and water will still pump. This makes installation easier. In addition, the label points to the inlet port if the pump is turning in the direction of the arrow. So if the Beta water pump shown is rotating clockwise, the inlet is at the bottom.

One additional piece of advice from several owners was to “throw those screws in the garbage and get proper hex head replacements”. Others suggested PinWing studs that make reassembly easier.

A Marine Diesel Water pump with PinWing studs replacing the standard fastenings
Water pump PinWing studs