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    I have a 2GM disassembled in my garage from a Nor’Sea27 that i am restoring. I am debating if I rebuild her or replace her or replace it with a Beta. I hate to replace something in this good of shape.

    I would really like to run a SCUBA compressor and/or a regenerative blower (to fill tender) off my boat engine…. or a hydraulic windlass might save some years on my back. I do not have the space to carry a petrol unit nor do i have room for jerrycans. I often use my engine for only setting anchor (3 minutes). So having some work to get it warm each use is maybe wise. But i need to make sure i can turn the belt or PTO on and off so if i am underway it is not drawing power. Has anyone found a way to take power off the engine? A belt off the front? a dual shaft PTO between tranny and engine? Something else? I am all ears.

    On the starboard side of the 2GM and 2GM20 is a small square plate with 4 screws that tap into the block. opening it up access the front gear housing. The is a 3″ hole goes right next to the kogs of the cam shaft gear. It looks like this is designed to mount something that meshes to the cam shaft gear. But looking at the 2GM20F i do not see any pump using that power. Instead the freshwater pump is powered by serpentine belt shared with the alternator, right? So, why did Yanmar put that there? only to inspect the cam gear? I looked for a non-marine yanmar engine of the 1980’s vintage to see if this block was used as a tractor engine, but nothing looks even close.

    Eager to hear people’s opinions even if years after i post this. Thanks, Pete


    Is the port you are talking about the Hydraulic Oil Pump Cover?

    Marked 22 here…

    2GM Engine Block

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    Another option would be to go for an entirely hydraulic drive. Then you could decide which hydraulic system you want – prop, compressor, windlass etc.



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